Welcome to the Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm!

There's nothing like the smell of a freshly cut Christmas Tree this Christmas! Come on down to the Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm this December to select your favourite Tree! With thousands of trees growing right up until you arrive, the Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm is the right place for you.

The Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm is a local, family run business which grows and nurtures many Christmas Trees every year. Each tree is unique in shape and price, providing a wide range to select from for every customer.

2013 is our 19th year in the business! Founded in 1994 by Warwick Gilmour, the Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm has been running strong since. Warwick Gilmour, with the help of his wife Christine and seven children, has been growing and shaping trees for each individual customer.

Here at Tauranga Christmas Tree Farm we also provide Christmas Trees for different Christmas events and functions such as A night before Christmas, numerous Churches, __________.

We also sell Christmas Tree stands for all ranges of height, some hand made and others imported. Come along and see what is right for you!

We hope to see you this Christmas! Feel free to drop us a call on (07)5524565, or send an email to w_c_gilmour@ihug.com for more information.
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